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Sun, July 21

Letters:Heroes came to my aid

On Sept. 13, a friend and I went to Kingman. We live in Seligman, which is 75 miles from any major city.

On this peculiar day, we went to run some errands for my friend's mother. Since I thought it would be just a trip there and back, I never took any water with me, which turned out to be a big mistake and a valuable lesson for me. We were on our way back when my friend decided to 4-wheel again in his small 2-wheel-drive pickup. It was 10 a.m. and pretty hot by this time, but everything went all right until he turned down a road of sand. We got stuck. For two hours, I tried digging the truck out while he tried driving forward or backward. I was getting hot so I sat in the truck while he tried digging, but to no avail. He told me there was a small store a ways down the road so we began walking. He'd already called his mom and a friend to come and get us, but they wouldn't be there for over two hours. Off we went across fields and railroad tracks and we finally reached the road. With no water and it being hotter, I was beginning to feel it. The short distance turned into some miles and I got weaker and slower. I finally told my friend to just walk to the store and bring back water. I'd wait by the guardrail. He had lived in Arizona so was used to the heat, but I was from Washington state.

I sat behind the guardrail for a while but tried again to walk to the store. Eventually, I fell, so I just lay down in as much shade as I could find. Cars, trucks and motorcycles drove by all the time I lay there and no one stopped to see if I needed help. Then out of the blue a woman walked over to me and asked if I needed help. Another lady, also there, had called 911. The first lady gave me some water, and even though she was late for work, she drove me to the store and picked up my friend who was on his way back. The other lady followed to make sure I was OK. The lady who dropped me off was named Michelle, and the other lady was Linda. I want to thank them with all my heart and soul for helping me that day.

I was checked out and even though they, the paramedics, wanted to take me to the hospital, I declined. So after signing a paper, they left. The two women at the Valle Vista store helped me inside where it was cool and gave me water. Another lady put a cool towel on my head, and another lady gave me something to eat when I felt better. The police officer came in to make sure I was all right. These people showed me what real heroes are like.

My friend Justin, who went for water, Linda and Michelle who stopped to help and showed that a smile and a hug can make a difference, and to the ladies in the store who helped a stranger - I may not have much, but if you ever need anything or any kind of help, if I can't do it, I'll find someone who will. Thank you again with all my heart and soul - and that also includes the officer who stayed to make sure I was all right. Thanks.

Ron Ackerson



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