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Sun, Aug. 18

"The whole philosophy of Government is how to get YOU to pay for what I want!"

A very wise friend of mine has a saying that I find particularly accurate in American economics today. "The whole philosophy of Government is how to get YOU to pay for what I want!" The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 more perfectly.

I am like a lot of you in that I had great "HOPE" for America as we rallied in a new President. He made all the right speeches and all the right promises. Promises of "CHANGE", change we could believe in! The average impoverished middle class American got out and voted in droves. They donated $5, $10, whatever they could dig out of their empty pockets to a campaign that gave them "hope" for the future. I know this because I am one of those average impoverished middle class Americans who did all of the above and I was HOPEFULL! I saw a JFK like revolution coming around. I "BELIEVED" and I trusted.

One of the biggest issues for me personally was the expectation of a great new leadership that was genuine, transparent and effective. I supported an honest and deliberate defeat of a corrupt government that has crippled the American citizen for decades. What I and my fellow Americans got was the "STIMULAS PACKAGE" all wrapped up nice and neat with a pretty little bow (bought with our tax dollars) right on top of it.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 promised prosperity, opportunity and new jobs here in the United States. Many of these new jobs were to be in the Renewable Energy field. Not only would there be new opportunities created but America would be defeating its addiction to oil and taking our place in the world as a fierce competitor in GREEN energy. What could be better?

Here's where the disappointments start. We thought that Obama would level the playing field a bit for the average American. You know, spread all that tax based opportunity around a little bit to ALL Americans. Instead, it all went straight into corporate America's pockets. He bailed out banks and supported the fledgling business's of the chosen few, the party elites, the classic club members of the "establishment." ALL on the backs of taxpaying American citizens. We expected something else!

Renewable Energy expansion was a prominent target in Obama's bundle of tax dollars. It was the shining star in the stimulus packages promotion. Little did we know that BILLIONS would be going out of the United States and creating jobs in other countries. American tax dollars funneled through projects here in America straight into foreign countries coffers. We have a prime example of this transference right here in our own back yard. Hualapai Valley Solar AKA Mohave Sun Power lays claim to the creation of thousands of jobs being created here locally but they fail to disclose that approximately half of the 2 BILLION dollars being supplied through government grants, loans and rebates will go to Germany. Fichtner Solar to be exact. Will the Department of Energy actually allow this transference of American tax dollars to Germany? It will certainly be interesting to see if they do. On the flip side Needle Mountain Solar is keeping all stimulus moneys here in America and as a matter of fact they are keeping most of it right here in Arizona by buying their solar dishes from a manufacturer within the state.

My personal disappointment in the Obama administration is of course my own to deal with. I understand the difficulties that politics create in general when trying to create "change" that affects the majority of the population positively. The issue is the ownership of our government. Corporations OWN our government here locally and at the federal level. We all know it is wrong and it was certainly NOT the way our forefathers intended it to be.

Will American citizens finally take back their government? We know it is time but how do we approach the issue peacefully and still gain the result we must sustain to set things right?


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