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Sun, Jan. 19

Letter: Hey, supervisors! Stay out of our lives

Recently, Mohave County passed an ordinance about the limits of cats and dogs in residential areas. They have changed the limit from four dogs to two dogs and to now four cats. Myself, personally, I feel we should band together and do a class-action suit to have the law amended to allow a grandfather clause to be able to have four dogs as long as they were currently and have been living on the proprety. And they must be spayed, licensed and kept in a fenced area. None of this off-leash stuff anymore. My question is, what's the difference between one dog barking and two dogs barking?

I live in the industrial part of town and I can tell you the trains are far worse than any dog barking. I have no neighbors right next to me and my neighbors are catty-corner behind me, and if my dogs were a problem, then I expect my neighbors to say something about it and then I would rectify the problem. What about my rights or my dogs' rights? They were born on the property when it was okay to have four dogs. Now what? Do I just up and put them in the pound? That's not right, and if something like that does happen, I will retain counsel and sue Mohave County because my dogs are licensed for the next three years. They're spayed and neutered, and in a fenced yard with a pet door to have access to the inside of the house.

These animals are part of our family. This seems to me to be about money - like always. What happens if people up and move because of this issue? I pay my taxes and obey the law. My dogs are never off-leash. If you want to cut down on the noise, get rid of the trains blowing their whistles at 3 a.m. The county needs to rethink this one! Just because you have supervisors who do not like dogs or cats to enforce this on animals and remove them from loving homes is a violation of my rights and my dogs' rights. Next you will be telling us you can only have one child.

Edward Lindsay


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