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Sun, Jan. 19

Letters:Your rights don't trump ours

Responsible dog owners is an oxymoron. One writer commented, "Gee whiz, imagine a dog that barks!" Yes, even better, try to imagine a dog owner that hears the barking. The residence behind me has three dogs, next to him is another dog, and on the other side are three more dogs. Next to me are three dogs, and there are two dogs each at the two houses across the street. Oddly enough, I seem to be the only one who can hear their dogs bark. At least two of them are barking, whining or yelping at all times, apparently working in shifts. Two of them in separate yards will bark for 30 minutes at a time.

I see some of these dog owners have described their pets as members of their family, so I can only surmise that when persons living inside of the house yells, screams and cry for extended periods of time, they too are ignored. It has been suggested that it only takes stopping what you're doing, going over to the offending neighbor's home and screaming over the fence, "Would you please stop your dog from barking?" Problem solved. Yea, right!

Just suggesting a neighbor has to take responsibility to inform the dog's owner about something the owner already knows proves that the dog's owner is not a responsible dog owner. Why is it that pet owners think neighbors should accept and tolerate their animals? You have the pet; you control it! One reason that so many animals have to be put to death is that animal owners do not, in fact, take responsibility for their pets. They escape, or are allowed to wander the streets. They get left behind when people move or they just get dumped. Responsible pet owners should not be punished for the lack of responsibility of others, nor should people that do not own pets have to be subjected to the nuisance and noise from these animals.

Since neither is currently true, regulations, rules and laws are needed in order to bring the situation under control. Pet owners have the privilege of owning their pets, and the rest of us have the right not to be bothered by your pets.

John Russell


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