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Mon, May 20

Reel Watchers: Resident Evil: Afterlife

As I walked out of the theater after the movie, I overheard a 20-something say, "That was an OK movie!"

For most of the younger, zombie-eating-blood-and-guts seeking attendees, it was probably an OK movie. For me, an older "Dawn of the Dead" fan who swears the best scary movies were made long ago, it was just one more overly-loud flick with way too many special effects.

How does one keep from going deaf with those constant, deep-bass sound effects and the roaring "whoosh" sound present in almost every scene? I actually had to put my fingers in my ears!

Well, like so many zombie films before this, thousands of flesh-eating zombies are after the few remaining humans left alive. I thought these zombies looked like they stumbled right out of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

It seems a virus has wiped out the human race, and the bad guy who brought it about is alive and well, but extra strong, and you know why? That's right, he's got what he made. Enter our heroine, Alice, with perfect red lipstick and black mascara. She leads a group of the remaining humans as they search for the elusive Arcadia, where no infection exists and all is well.

And when they reach Arcadia, watch out. You guessed it, more deafening sound effects, whooshes and special effects!

Hey, it's not all bad. Actually, you'll probably like it. My favorite part is when Alice says, "There is still hope." Which is what I say every time I watch a new movie. I can only hope it will be as good as the ones made so long ago. Rating: 2 out of 4 zombies ... I mean miners.


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