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Sat, Jan. 25

Election November 2010 and Beyond: The Plan

Election November 2010 and Beyond: The Plan

Many citizens know that America is not headed in the right direction. But, what can we do about it? Well, in the following paragraphs, I will lay out what I believe we should do and how. I know that not all of you will agree, but hopefully, enough to make a difference, will!

Step 1: We must elect enough Republicans, at this November election; so they will have enough of a majority to, not only stall President Obama's progressive agenda, but also reverse the damaging laws he and his Democratic Congress has enacted. This step in the Plan is a MUST DO FIRST!

During this time and until the 2012 election; this Republican Congress has a bunch of work ahead of them; but, hopefully they will see the need to correct the path that Obama and his Democratic Congress have put us onto! Some would say that, with all the spending of money that we don't have and with all the Czars that Obama has put in place, in order to run the government, without the help of Congress; that Obama is trying to become "President for Life"! This must be stopped!

Step 2: Then in 2012, the voters MUST fire this President!

Step 3: Then the voters will have to adjust their normal instinct, to return the same old corrupt politicians to office. This is also critical to realigning our country to the "Founder's Road" and that is to start sending non-career politicians to Congress. The reason this is a difficult task for the voters is that we tend to think that because a candidate's name isn't a household name; we don't know how well they will do the job. I ask you; how has the career politicians been working out for you? Don't you think it's time to try something different for a CHANGE?

With many new non-career politicians in Congress, we might see changes that we all could fall in love with, such as single terms for Congress, lower salaries, less perks, willingness to go after presidential powers that seem excessive, lower taxes, quality screening of presidential appointees and even laws that require Congress to abide by the laws that they pass, just like their constituents! How about revamping the election financing laws so that all candidates, including blue-collar workers, could afford to run for office?

Step 4: Democrats, your party has been hijacked by the progressive ideology, (big government, government will take care of all your problems, because we'll take from the rich and give to the poor...with strings attached, of course). I don't think most American Democrats want that kind of America. But the progressives are very convincing and you ordinary, everyday Democrats have allowed the progressives to rule your party. Take back your party, or it will fade into oblivion. America doesn't want the progressive ideology!

Wow...I can't wait for the "fundamental transformation" back to the American ideology I grew up with! Are you willing to do your part?

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