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Tue, Oct. 22

Letter: Lies and fear or real progress?

Fellow citizens, we have the choice this election to vote from fear and hate fostered by lies, or vote to continue progress and growth out of this recession.

Why should we believe a Rupert Murdoch (who has gotten dual U.S. citizenship with Australia which he left because the Aussies saw his particular brand of news as the tabloid trash it is) or any of the rich elite lackeys he and the powerful have employed to poison those who take Fox as serious news coverage. His $1 million contribution to the lobbied GOP should tell us all we need to know about this bunch.

The powerful who have a stranglehold on our democracy are succeeding in redistributing our country's wealth upwards from the middle class to the top 10 percent of society with corporate and super rich welfare in the form of unfair tax cuts, lax regulation on international corporations that once were U.S. businesses and broken environmental laws, all of which are destroying our country. Ending the Bush tax cuts for only the wealthy, as mandated by the law that instituted them, but keeping middle class and small business cuts, not only reduces the deficit but makes our tax laws a little more fair and small business friendly.

Our recovery is working but has been delayed and slowed to a crawl by GOP obstruction on every bill that would help our country but might make this administration look effective. The successes can be seen at

The latest tactic considered by this money-controlled GOP is strike - the one tool they would deny the working people of this country! So few jobs created? - The jobs bills have been delayed months on threat of filibuster.

No new help for small business? - The bill is being held up right now. The auto bailout that the GOP fought so hard? - Saved a million jobs, and loans have been repaid and interest payments are now in the works.

Financial regulation (even though gutted by the lobbying) has made it possible to dismantle too-big-to- fail institutions, created credit card safeguards and limited debt-to-equity requirements to prevent future investment bank collapses. The GOP screams about deficits but would keep rich benefits while robbing your Social Security (not even a part of the general budget) and Medicare. Please vote wisely this November.

Danny Baker


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