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Fri, Nov. 22

Letter: Dems must vote to keep us moving forward

I ask our GOP congressmen, why do you despise the middle class of our country? Our deficit is down 8 percent for the first year of this administration, and yet you vote No, No, No for every piece of legislation designed to help the middle class or create jobs or help small business.

Your obstructionism has slowed our recovery to a crawl and you still insist in shifting our middle class wealth upward to the richest 10 percent of the country.

Giving all our wealth to the over-rich and financial fat cats does not create jobs or improve the economy as proven by the 2003 high income tax cuts when for the next five years we lost nearly 4 million jobs and the economy was falling into an abyss.

GOP leaders, why do you think we are too stupid to see what you are doing? You do not mention that keeping the tax cuts for the first $250,000 of income benefits the middle class and the first quarter million of the over-rich.

You do not mention that executive pay today is 262 times the average workers pay or that the tax cut for the over-rich will add $700 billion to our 10-year deficit.

How can you in good conscience vote against the small business aid bill when you helped formulate it, said it was a good piece of legislation before this administration adopted it, and have called again and again for help for small businesses to create jobs? You must be stopped this November before you "take our country back" to the disastrous agenda of this past decade.

Democrats, please get out and vote this November for responsible candidates. Independents and progressives, please vote this November to stop the far right-wing nuts who are dedicated to reversing the less-than-hoped-for progress the GOP has allowed to occur this year and last.

Danny Baker


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