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Mon, March 18

The Resume - How Important is it really?

Considering you will not meet anyone until they first read your resume, it is the most important tool to get you in the door. Make sure you spend as much time, hours, days or weeks as necessary making it better and highlighting your accomplishments.

1. The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of job do you want and in what industry? You're resume needs to be tailored to EVERY job you apply for.

2. Your resume needs to say what YOU did on the job and what YOU accomplished - so write down what you did this week, you might be surprised at your accomplishments! Write down everything and I mean everything that you remember over the past few weeks and years if you can remember, email me if you want a template to see how I track my projects as a starting point for you.

3. It can take 4 to 6 hours to write your resume after you have collected all the data! Make sure you spend the time and really focus on what people will be thinking as they read your resume.

4. Next you have to write your past job descriptions to try and match them to the new job you want to apply for. Look at sample job postings. Do you have those skills? If you don't, can you get those skills in your current job and then add it to your resume later? Give yourself six months to acquire these new skills so you can add them to your resume and actually be able to talk about them in your interview for a new job.

5. In the meantime if you do not have the experience then do as much research as you can about the job, the company and the industry. Go meet people that have that job, ask for informational interviews and how they got started in the industry. You need to find an in, and it might be just through meeting people and taking their specific advice.

6. Quantify everything you do and do it right after you work on a big project because you will never remember what you did last week let alone six month ago.

7. Make your resume personal. What did YOU do?? Do not just list the job responsibilities. What was unique about you working in that role? What projects did you work on? What goals did you accomplish?

8. Google for sample resumes in the field you are currently in to help you find the buzz words and key phrases that will jog your memory on what you do every day. Go to the library and look at sample resume books as well, that's what I do when I want to update my resume.


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