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Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: County dress code is un-American

Jim Kanelos, right, was placed into custody March 7 for violating the county building's dress code.

Jim Kanelos, right, was placed into custody March 7 for violating the county building's dress code.

1) Let's start with the fact that Mohave County is not a private club where they can tell you how to dress, but it's a public place that "We the People" pay for. We are not supposed to be in front of masters but public servants who, if they want the respect of us removing our hats, must earn it and not order it.

2) Holding a harmless flag and wearing a hat is an expression of First Amendment. There is no disturbance of the peace, no infringing on other people rights ... government has no business in telling me how I should dress, unless I infringe on other people rights. I did not see Mr. Kanelos naked or doing obscenities. Did you?

3) Back to The Declaration of Independence ... "All humans are created equals," right? If I am equal, why should I be forced to bow down to a public servant like a county supervisor?

4) Then the Arizona Constitution: A) Art II. Political power; purpose of government. Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

I want to maintain my individual right to self-expression wearing the clothes I want, especially in front of the people who are supposed to work for me.

5) To end: The Arizona Open Meeting law 38-431.01. Meetings shall be open to the public ... not a word about dress code. If we give the power to the government to tell us what we can wear in front of them; we set ourselves up to open hell's gate, and we reverse its fundamental role.

Are we working for the government or is the government working for US? If I am a business owner, I never would allow my worker to tell me how to dress. Would you?

Luca Zanna

Golden Valley

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