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Tue, Feb. 25

Kingman Letters: No confidence in government

The Kingman Unified School District recently voted not to open the new high school they just spent a fortune of the taxpayers' money building. Why can't they afford to open and run it? Easy! A few years ago we taxpayers gave them the money to build and run a new high school. Instead, they built a new football field!

While I do not oppose sports for our children, I do believe building, opening and running the new school to educate our children is more important than a new football field. School board members should remember they are voted in by those same taxpayers whose money they squandered!

In the March 16 Daily Miner was a Notice of Delinquent Payments and Sale of Property for Unpaid Installments of Assessment Improvements. The largest area in town is the Kingman Airport Tract/Banks Airport Addition. Remember us? We are the people the City told would be charged $3,500 to add sidewalks and curbs to our streets and ended up with an assessment of $14,000.

The interesting thing was when we went to a City Council meeting and complained, neither the mayor nor any of the City Council members knew a thing about it. Seems the whole thing, including obtaining the bond for the loan, was handled by the city manager and his staff. When some of the Council members thought this was wrong, they were informed this was a done deal, and if they didn't assess us, then the city would have to pay the loan back. This sounds like extortion to me!

As the loan CAN NOT be paid off early, the property/homeowners must pay 10-years interest on the assessment because the lender demanded a minimum of 10-years interest payments as they already knew this was a class A bond rating (one grade above a junk bond).

Because of the city manager's incompetence, the city is reaping the results. Now they are stuck with over 90 properties ( so far ) who will not be paying this assessment. Instead the city will have to try to sell these properties to make payments on the loan.

Will this mean a new department for the city? The city's own Realty Division and it's own office complex? Just how did the city manager and his staff think people in this area were ever going to be able to pay this kind of money? It appears the mayor and the City Council do not run the city at all. It is run by a city manager who we the taxpayers can't even vote for!

Then there is the Mohave County Board of "Stupidvisors" who just voted to pay $6 million for a new office building. Why not upgrade the offices they already have or rent the new high school until the county actually has the money to build with? They refused to take any input from the people paying the bills, we the taxpayers.

Now I hear ADOT is set to give the county $163.2 million between 2012 and 2016 for roads in the county. The funding plan (which areas in the county get what money when) is tentative and to be approved after public comment meetings. You mean like public comment was allowed on building the new county offices?

The BOS has gone way too far over the line of common sense. The "Stupidvisors" and their toadies threaten people with arrest for trespassing if they dare to ask a question. The BOS meetings are a complete farce. The BOS rams whatever they want down our throats and then tell us to shut up or be arrested.

ALL these politicians forget one thing. We the taxpayers still (at this time) have the vote, and we have very long memories!

Sandee Samoska


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