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6:33 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Alamo fishing trips make for fun times with friends

Despite the up and down weather this spring, I decided to make the first trip of the year to Alamo Lake, one of my favorite lakes that is located in southern Mohave County.

Sharing the trip with me was longtime friend Jay Chan, and we would be joined by mutual friend, Havasu resident Mike Hulsey.

Due to the usual "Don Martin troubles" I seem to experience when taking a trip, we didn't get to the lake as early as we wanted. First there was the problem of losing, then retrieving the lid off of a new ice chest. Then we had a blown trailer tire on I-40, which required a stop at Big O Tires in Havasu. We didn't get on the water until almost 5 p.m. on Monday.

Chan caught the first fish, a chunky two-pounder on a black Zipper worm and, a few minutes later, hooked up with an Alamo Lake whopper.

When we put the fish on the scales it weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces! Of course, both fish were released after obligatory photos.

It wasn't until almost dark that Hulsey and I got action. I was throwing a buzz bait and had missed two strikes at the same spot, when Hulsey said, "I know how to catch that fish!" He promptly tossed in a tube bait where the last swirl was seen, and wham, he hooked the fish.

"Shane Moline taught me that trick," Hulsey said with a smile.

With just a few minutes of light left, I tossed out the buzz bait one more time and caught a nice bass. Though Chan and Hulsey both claim the fish he caught was larger than mine, I still think mine was the biggest.

Tuesday morning dawned clear with little wind. I just knew we were going to slam the bass. The water temperature was more than the magic 65 degrees. It seemed to be the perfect morning on Alamo Lake.

However, despite tossing everything we had at them, at noon the score stood Chan three fish, Hulsey two fish and this hapless angler, one bass.

After lunch and a much needed power nap, it was back to the lake for the evening.

We headed up toward the dam to try our luck because at the other end it hadn't been so good.

Thinks looked up when Hulsey hooked up almost right away with a feisty bass.

For the next couple of hours things got very good. We started catching bass on tube baits.

When darkness shut us down, the lead had changed. I had landed 13 bass and lost two, Hulsey ended up with 11 bass and lost a lunker in a tree, and Chan caught eight bass.

It had been a great afternoon/evening of fishing on this pristine desert lake.

Hulsey had to leave that night, but Chan and I decided to fish the next morning before heading back to Kingman.

We should have went home with Hulsey.

Wednesday morning I caught two bass while Chan never had a bite!

But that is how Alamo Lake is to me. One day it's hot, the next day you can't buy a bite.

The lake has gone down a lot, more than 20 vertical feet from last year.

The crappie bite is slow according to the out-of- state anglers we spoke too, some of who had been there for several months.

I also heard that some anglers were tearing up channel catfish on nightcrawlers, but we never gave that a try.

Alamo will only get better until the fish go into the post spawn mode.

If you got a couple of days, you might want to give it a try.

Remember though, there is a slot limit on the bass you can keep!