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Thu, March 21

Kingman letters: In praise of toll roads

Last week, my wife and I got back from a 4,500-mile trip to the Midwest. On our way back, we drove on the Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35). What a beautiful super highway. There was not a glitch on that road. The gas stations were in the middle of the median. You can pull in from either direction. The price of gas was $3.29 a gallon for regular. Everywhere else was $3.49 a gallon.

All of a sudden my wife was hungry. We pulled into the service area and she got her ice cream bar. It was only 79 cents. I was surprised. Those places weren't out to gouge you.

When we got to the toll booth, the lady said that the toll was $6. I told her that it was worth every nickel of it. I got to talking to her, since there was no one behind me. She said that all the money that they take in goes to keeping that highway up. I told her that it shows. There were not any potholes. Whoever they have to make repairs on that road sure knows what they are doing. Kansas gets some bad winters.

On our trip we traveled on a lot of interstate highways. There were places that were in deplorable shape. Maybe some of our interstates should be turned into toll roads. All of the states in the country are in bad financial shape, not to mention the federal government. There isn't much money to fix the roads. Another thing that we didn't see on the Kansas turnpike was big chunks of rubber from the truck tires that come apart.

Speaking of truck tires coming apart, we saw a lot of chunks of rubber on the roads that we were on. Several times I had to swerve to keep from running over it. I would like to see these recap truck tires done away with. A friend of our happened to be alongside of a big rig when one of those tires came apart. It really did a number on his car. Suppose a person riding a motorcycle happened to be there. The rider would be killed.

Some people would complain about having to pay tolls. I would drive on them in a heartbeat.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley


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