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Fri, Dec. 06

Health Column: Why wait until tomorrow?

Have you made a New Year's resolution to change your eating habits? Do you find yourself continually pushing back the date for when you plan on beginning to make those changes? Whenever you binge, purge, graze, or starve yourself do you consider the behavior that led you to such an episode.

Begin to correct your behavior at that moment! Do not tell yourself tomorrow will be different or I have already blown it, so today anything goes. Instead of trying to convince yourself that you'll change your behavior in the future, why not begin now?

As each day goes by, you should notice that you are engaging in more healthy eating behaviors than not. Beginning your weight loss efforts today will help you begin to see progress tomorrow!

I have two simple things for you to try that I believe will help you to change your eating habits.

The first is try feeling full! Feeling full tells your body that you've eaten enough. The more calories there are within a given weight or volume, the easier it is to consume excess calories as you eat more to feel full. However, people tend to eat a consistent weight of food. By consuming foods that have fewer calories in a larger volume, you can still feel full while avoiding excess calories.

Water is the key to increasing food volume without increasing calories. Therefore, foods that contain a lot of water tend to have fewer calories per volume. Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain the most water. Studies have shown that people who consumed more fruits and vegetables lost significantly more weight compared to people who just consumed less fat. Why eat less when you can eat more? It will help you feel full with fewer calories.

The second is grocery shopping! I know what you are thinking. "I hate grocery shopping." Plan to shop for food regularly. Whether it be for fresh produce, meats, or dairy products; running for spur-of-the-moment needs and quick meal fixings wastes time and money. Keep a running list of items depleted or running low. You may want to create a chart of food items that you like to keep in stock in your kitchen.

Also, plan for at least one week of meals. If you plan to take fruit and yogurt to work daily for the next week, buy enough (7 servings of yogurt and 7 pieces of fruit) so that you won't have to make another trip. It helps to create a weekly grocery list. This will help ensure that you get what you need. Just stick to your list, so that you don't pick up items that aren't appropriate for your new eating habits.

Incorporating grocery shopping into your routine will help you stay prepared and stay on track with your weight loss.

Thank you for reading Diet Center's tip of the week. If you need help with weight loss, call me at (928) 753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave., Suite 1, in Kingman.

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