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Tue, May 21

Letter: Standing up for peace

Today is one day shy of the one-year commencement of the bi-monthly Kingman Peace Vigil. The second and fourth Sunday of each month we peace activists assemble on the corner of Airway and Stockton Hill Road (Smith's parking lot) at noon to clearly promote peace - not war. Note: Our start time has very recently been rescheduled from noon to 11:30 to accommodate members' changing schedules.

We are most saddened by America's current engagement globally in hostile military actions in not one, not two, but rather in six nations - that we know of, that is. The critical need for a peace vigil to promote peaceful means to end conflict, and not a military means, remains as strong today as it did at the much publicized outset of the nearly 10-year-old Afghan war. The Kingman Peace Vigil began Feb. 14, 2010, on Valentine's Day, where our launching motto was simply "Love Your World, Stand For Peace."

From the outset of these Kingman vigils, our community has largely embraced our message of peace warmly. This support has been shown by the many hand peace gestures with the familiar "V" peace sign, thumbs up, shouts of "I support you" etc., and honks ... even air horn 18-wheeler honks, which are always a thrill for us!

These predominantly positive reactions are encouraging for the activists in that this local reaction just may indicate to us that the world is indeed moving closer to a world of peace! The horrors of today's war, other than obvious military deaths, are the huge numbers of civilian deaths that inadvertently occur. Current studies indicate that for each enemy soldier's death an additional officially uncounted nine civilians are killed and a large share of those civilians deaths are women and children. During the Vietnam War, this ratio was 1:5 civilians, World War II it was 1:2, and World War I almost 1:1. For about 20 years, America has called these deaths simply "collateral damage," which includes non-military civilian carnage and deaths. Our purpose for standing for peace is not solely to make visible our support for our soldiers in harm's way but also to stop the inadvertent civilian deaths from war as well.

Please join in the bi-monthly Kingman's Peace Vigil to promote peace. People from all walks of life meet the second and fourth Sundays of each month on the corner of Airway and Stockton Hill Road at 11:30 a.m. We stand in solidarity against war and in support of peace.

Chris Meisenheimer



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