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Fri, May 24

Kingman Letters:Headed in the wrong direction

With summer vacation time upon us, many of us will take time to hit the highways and take that long-needed road trip. Some will journey far across this great nation, while others may seek to voyage closer to home. Among the many bits and pieces people will pack for their trips, one of the most indispensable and important items to take along will be a road map. A road map will guide us safely and securely to our intended destination by illustrating the correct directions to take, what to see and expect along the way, and how long it will take to get to your destination.

Similarly, our nation is taking a trip. This trip cannot be measured in miles however, but it can be measured in the direction in which our country is headed. Every day, our nation moves down the road to the future. But which road is our country traveling? Is it driving carefully down the highway toward more liberty, freedom and prosperity, or is it speeding recklessly down the expressway, headed for serfdom, servitude and debt.

There are those who seem to see the direction of our country as simple as a left or a right paradigm. They concentrate on the left or the right, surmising that if our country were only to "keep left" or "keep right," without regard to the map, we will get where we need to be. They tend to pass the blame of the "wrong turns" of the past, on those who were at the wheel during the last term of leadership. They refuse to yield to the idea that perhaps the drivers had gone astray, that they needed good guidance, but they failed to stop and get any. Although they were lost, these leaders assumed they knew better, and they refused to stop and refer to any document to get on course and head in the right direction.

It is obvious that our country, and most of the leaders, have been headed in the wrong direction for some time. It's time we hit the brakes, merge our left and right ideas and make a quick U-turn. We need to reach into the glove box, dust off, unfold and take another look at that old road map that we haven't followed for some time.

The road map I am speaking of is the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the road map that guided our country to be a great nation, indeed the envy of the world. It is the road map that made each of us a sovereign citizen, so we would bow to none. It is the road map that put the power of government in the people's hands and restricted and limited the actions of government. It was intended to keep government off our backs, so we could succeed, prosper and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There is certainly a rough road ahead for our nation if we continue to fail to follow our founding document, the road map to freedom, the Constitution. Let's make sure our leaders are following the correct road map, so we can have the safe and secure future our founders envisioned. If we find they aren't, let's tell them to get out at the next exit!

Happy motoring!

Mervin G. Fried



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