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Wed, June 19

Reel Watchers: Something Borrowed

A sometimes tedious expose into who loves whom, this movie begs the question of why two supposedly smart, accomplished and beautiful young women would fall in love with the same shallow, narcissistic young man of non-existent moral character. Is Darcy (Kate Hudson) going to find out about her fiance Dex (Colin Egglesfield) and best friend Rachel's (Ginnifer Goodwin) affair? Will she forgive them for their betrayal? Will love conquer all?

After many parties in New York City and weekends in the Hamptons, Darcy seems oblivious to any wrongdoing on her best friend's part, continuing to confide in Rachel about every detail of her life and trying to fix Rachel up with Dex's friend Marcus. Partying seems to be the main focus in Darcy's life, and she appears to be quite superficial and "clueless" about anyone but herself. Other friends in their inner circle, including Ethan (John Krasinski), Marcus (Steve Howey) and Claire (Ashley Williams), share in the lifestyle where booze and hormones flow nonstop.

No one has even an inkling as to what is going on between Rachel and Dex until Ethan, who has always had a "thing" for Rachel, begins to notice Rachel's behavior around Dex. Of course, Ethan doesn't have an opportunity to say anything because he is too busy thwarting the advances of Claire, to the extreme that he convinces Claire he is actually gay. When the partying friends also start believing that Ethan is gay he is somewhat ostracized until he gets really fed up and moves away. Later, during a surprise visit from Rachel, he becomes her confidant as they discuss the hopelessness of the whole sordid situation.

Determined not to risk breaking up their lifetime friendship, Rachel is unwilling to share the painful truth with her best friend. Being the apparent spineless parent-pleaser that he is, Dex refuses to face Darcy with the truth either. Just when you think the wedding is going to go ahead as planned, the truth comes out in a way that is not unexpected. Dex redeems himself, but the outcome is predictable.

If you enjoy a drinking and partying atmosphere, this movie may be fun for you. It has some humorous moments and is playful and amusing, for the most part. It is difficult to come up with any witty or clever statements about a movie that is neither, but there is a surprise appearance of one of the main characters halfway through the credits that is worth waiting for.

From the looks of the theater audience (5:1 women to men), "Something Borrowed" is definitely a chick flick. I give it 2-1/2 out of 4 Miners.


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