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Mon, Nov. 18

Anniversary: Larry & Louise Mesaric



Fifty years ago, on Nov. 18, 1961, a skinny little cowboy (Lawrence J. Mesaric of Tucson) devoted himself to a spicy little Mexican (Louise T. Lopez of Cimarron, N.M.) in holy matrimony. Larry was drafted into the military and spent their first years of marriage in Germany as a soldier, serving in the U.S. Army.

In 1966, they became the proud parents of a beautiful little girl naming her Laura. Not long after her birth, Larry took a position managing a ranch in the middle of nowhere (Mount Riley, N.M.) near El Paso, Texas. After, inadvertently, nearly starving the poor child (what does a new mother in the middle of nowhere know about milk production?), Larry and Louise decided to have another go at it, and in 1969 Tracy was born and added to the clan.

As much as they loved Northern New Mexico and being near family, Larry wanted more, so in 1971 he took a position at a Duval copper mine in Sierrita, Ariz., and moved his family to Tucson. They spent the next 10 years making Tucson their home and watching their two daughters grow. In 1981, Larry was offered a promotion and transferred to Duval's property, Mineral Park, in Kingman. Once again the family packed up and moved, making Kingman their final home. The girls grew up, both graduating from Kingman High School, Laura in 1984 and Tracy in 1987.

Laura married Larry Alanis in 1985, and the two of them made Larry and Louise the proud grandparents of three wonderful children, Jon (1985 to 2003), Vanessa (1986) and Nykole (1989). They filled the years with much joy and continue to do so today.

Tracy has spent her time traipsing around the country providing the family with excitement, entertainment and always something to talk about. Tracy currently lives in North Carolina with her partner, Rosalina Browning, who is serving our country in the Army and posted at Fort Bragg.

Nykole has also met the man of her dreams, Kyle Guillory, and together they have given Larry and Louise two adorable great-granddaughters, Makayla (2007) and Rie-Lynn (2009).

Larry spent some years traveling from mine to mine when Mineral Park shut down in 1983. He also worked in town for General Cable, and eventually settled in and retired from the Kingman Unified School District in 2004.

Louise worked several places as well, and eventually settled in and retired from Kathryn Heidenriech Senior Center in 2006.

Over the last 50 years, many things have taken place, some good and some bad, many momentous events like Larry surviving cancer and being in remission for six years and counting, and many, many wonderful friends made along the way. They have laughed together, cried together and even, once or twice, tried to kill one another. But with much pride, they've succeeded in sticking with their commitment, and will to honor their vows to have and hold one another till death "dry you up."

Larry and Louise will be celebrating with family and Louise's BFF Phyllis Hallman, her oldest daughter Lynda Vargas and Lynda's daughter Monique (of Tucson), at the Mesaric home in Kingman, appropriately located on "Louise" Ave. Much love to them and congratulations on 50 years together and counting.

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