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Sat, July 20

Letter to The Editor: Unemployment: We are all to blame

Who do you blame for the high unemployment rate - Democrats? Republicans? Both parties? As a Democrat, I blame the Republicans. As a Republican, you blame the Democrats. Well, guess what?

We are all responsible for a good portion of the high rate of unemployment. You, me, and everyone else who does their shopping over the Internet, reads a book on Kindle, downloads music and videos off the Internet, or pays bills online. When was the last time you sat down, wrote a letter to someone, stuck a stamp on it and mailed it? When was the last time you walked into a video store and rented a movie, or bought a DVD or CD? When was the last time you walked into a bookstore and bought a book? When did you last go to the library to do some research or check out a book? How many of us read our daily newspaper on the Internet, rather than buying one? At the grocery store, do you go through the self-checkout aisle? We all go to self-serve gas stations and car washes. When was the last time you dropped off a roll of film to be developed, or went to an actual shoe store and had your feet properly measured by a shoe salesman/woman? These are all jobs lost!

The first job many teenage boys used to have was at local gas stations where they would pump gas, check your oil and water, put air in your tires, and even clean your windshield. It was a good way for them to learn about cars. Women used to be part of large typing pools for big corporations, where they would have to type up contracts, invoices, letters, etc. Now, one or two women can do the same amount of work on their computers. Assembly lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are an automated society, and this greatly reduces our work force. Video and bookstores are going out of business. The post office is in trouble. Long-running newspapers have shut down.

Technology is a marvelous thing, and the conveniences we now enjoy are wonderful, but the more automated we get, the more people there will be that are out of work. We are replacing hard-working people with machines. So, every time we check ourselves out at the grocery or department store (such as Walmart), every time we download movies, music, or books from the Internet, every time we email a letter to someone rather than mail a letter, every time we shop or pay a bill online, we must be mindful that we are contributing to the number of people who are, and will be, unemployed.

Lori Gabriel-Dane



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