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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter to the Editor: The Obama Distraction

When Obama was running as a presidential candidate for 2008, his rhetoric, promises and vision for the future were exactly what mainstream America needed to hear and obviously many independents and republicans must have joined the democrats in electing him.

I think Obama's main attraction was his plan to change how Washington operates. Away from Lobbyists, even going so far as to announce that no lobbyist would serve in his regime once he came to power. I know, back then we still used the words "administration" and "elected", but everyone knows better now.

He promised to make Washington more transparent, to let legislatures open for viewing for everyone, I forgot for how many days. And yes, the Patriot act he announced will be abolished. He promised everything to calm the American people down after the big turn to start the new century out with Bush who paved the way for a transition from an administration to a regime and enabled his successor to take the step into tyranny.

America back then was on the verge of revolution. But now we "elected" a black man who promised all the right things. So people calmed down for a while.

It didn't take long for Obama to break one promise after the other. But in the beginning nobody was sure if it had to be that way or if he was just another lying politician. It soon became clear though that he never had any intentions to keep his promises.

With the Tea Party rising the birther issue became more and more prevalent. And many people bought into that frenzy that Obama might not be a legal president. Today it is more than clear the Obama regime did everything possible to keep the fires burning. First he didn't show his "long" birth certificate and then after a couple years in power he finally showed the long birth certificate that was so poorly made that everyone said it was a fraud. And so the birther issue went on and on, wasting more and more time.

Soon the people asked for impeachment, wasting more time while hoping that if Obama is removed then the country will be saved. People do not yet realize that after Obama just a new dictator will take his place. Democrat or Republican, it matters little. It's the shadow government that has been pulling the strings all along.

Then came Ron Paul. The big hope of the nation for liberty and to restore the constitution. Reduce the government and spending. Now the people have renewed hope again. If we could just elect Ron Paul for President our nation will be saved. So, many people once again calmed down.

I predict that Ron Paul will win the Republican Primary and run as Republican presidential candidate. Now wouldn't that be wonderful? Actually no. It just wastes another one and a half years. No matter how many people will vote for Ron Paul as President, the "Champion of the Constitution" will never be our President.

But for the shadow government he filled his purpose. To distract people and calm them down. Giving the government yet another one and a half years to tighten their grip with their police state.

And then for those who didn't buy in the Ron Paul frenzy or for those who run out of patience and saw the writing on the wall, for those the Osama Bin-Laden "assassination" was created. No matter what really happened, no matter when and how Bin-Laden died, it was as clear as day, that the Obama regime with him in front, did everything possible to make Bin-Laden's "assassination" look like another conspiracy, a fake or a complete fabrication.

Now those who got tired of the birther issues, of the Ron Paul frenzy and all the other distractions created by the Obama regime, had a new illusion to go after and of course waste more time.

Time that will cost many of us our liberties, justice and the constitution, and finally when it is too late many millions of our lives.

You want to stop the tyranny? Don't want to live in a police state? Want to have your liberties back and not lose the rest of them? Then now is the time ... with love.

Elmer Whittaker

Golden Valley

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