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Fri, July 19

Letters to the Editor: You're a racist if you don't agree

Mr. Patrick Buchanan's column in the Tuesday Daily Miner hits the nail on the head: The people of the United States elected Mr. Obama not because he is half black or half white but because they believed in what he told us. People believed his speeches about "Hope and Change" and in uniting this great nation.

While there still exists racism among a minority, this president and some of his hatchet men/women, have begun to drive a wedge between races, again.

• If you do not agree with the left on issues important to them, you are a racist;

• If you choose to follow our immigration laws, you are a racist;

• If you support a secure border, you are a racist;

• If you show support for a candidate the left does not like, you and the candidate are racists.

This President has done more harm to our country in the almost three years in office than anyone can imagine. Ask yourself this one question: Can the United States of American afford or survive four more years of this man?

Shirley Mathe



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