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Thu, Feb. 20

Letter to the Editor: Goodbye to a dear friend

While I was attending the memorial service for Margie and people where standing to share a story of how she had touched their life in some way, I too wanted to share a story, but like others I'm sure, were too nervous to stand and share their story. I wanted to tell my story and this is the simplest way for me.

My story begins back in 1994. I didn't work with Margie and I'm not family, but we came to have one thing in common - through a chain of events that took place leading up to April 12, 1995, my beautiful little girl was born.

I have no family here and I was alone at the time I gave birth to my daughter, her granddaughter, right from the start she was there to help me. She drove me home from the hospital and from that moment on she became a fixture in my life.

I can't tell you enough what a great grandma she was to Kayla. She never missed a birthday. And when Kayla started dance lessons at age three she never missed a dance competition and always she was there in the audience at her recitals even up to the last one this past June. She could always be heard yelling "Go Kayla."

A couple of her favorite stories to tell me was when Kayla was small she couldn't pronounce Grandma, something about the 'g,' so she called Margie "Namma." She loved being called that. Another story was Kayla would go out into grandma's yard and look for ladybugs, by the time Kayla walked back to show grandma she had smashed them in her hand. I tell you, she told me that story so many times even just a couple of months ago.

Last October I had lost my job and financially one of the things that my husband Randy and I where going to do to downsize was pull Kayla out of dance. Margie wouldn't hear of it, more than anything she loved watching Kayla dance, she would sit there and just cry. So, for the next seven months she paid for Kayla to stay in dance.

Margie would call me three, sometimes four, times a week just to say "Hi, how's everyone?" But mostly always to check on Kayla. And she would always end with "I'll talk to you later baby." Isn't that true, everyone was "baby" to Margie. I already miss my phone calls.

My last story is this. We all gathered at grandma's house on Aug. 23 for papa's birthday, there was myself, my husband Randy, Kayla, Rita, Steve and Ramona. As I was getting things ready to barbecue in the kitchen, every once in awhile I would smell this fragrance, it was the best smell. As Rita and Kayla would walk through I would smell this fragrance. After a while Rita, Kayla and I were standing in the kitchen and here came that smell again. I asked the girls "do you guys smell that?" They said yes but none of us had that perfume on. After a bit we all were out by the garage which is detached from the house, eating birthday cake, when that fragrance came again. Rita, Kayla and I started telling how we smelled it in the house. Of course the men had their silly ideas how the smell came from the house out to where we were, but in the end Ramona said, "It was Marge."

I don't know, but I never smelled that smell before or since, so I'd like to think that maybe it was grandma saying good-bye.

No, I wasn't family but she was every bit of a mom to me for the past 16 years. If there is one thing I came to know about Grandma, it was that she loved her grandkids. And even if she couldn't see them when she wanted, they were there in her heart.

Margie (Namma) we will miss you very much. We love you.

Yvonne, Kayla and Randy Hoernke


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