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Tue, Sept. 24

Kingman Letter: The urge to control

Many state Legislators are bringing up all this nonsense about birth control and abortions - mostly Republican men. It sounds like these guys must have a deep-seated frustration with their insecurities, with regard to women. Maybe they think women are evolving too quickly and it's time to knock them down a peg or two.

Men have always ruled women. And even in this modern day, there are many spots on this planet where they still do. In our world, women have evolved and are no longer ruled by men. At least that's what they say.

Now this "War On Woman" reaffirms my belief that these (here I go again) male, pale, and stale Republican gentlemen must be feeling that urge to control. Senator Winder of Idaho was quoted as saying that "rape" is a proven excuse for an abortion. A woman should have to prove it. What an idiotic thing to say. How do these guys stay in office? Some now want to bring back Roe versus Wade. C'mon boys! Been there ... done that.

Common sense tells one that without "Birth Control" there would be a lot more abortions. Not to mention, birth control is a woman's Viagra. Get over it and move on to something important. Like the economy, jobs, and something worth talking about.

The Republican Party has sure changed and some of these gentlemen need to retire and some just need to get voted out. Replaced preferably, by women. Especially in the Senate. No wonder so many women become feminists and why should we have to fight over and over for our rights.

Barbara Smith


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