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7:58 AM Sun, Jan. 20th

Kingman Letters: A plan to end the traffic congestion

Anyone who has entered Kingman, southbound on US 93, has found a traffic bottleneck at the interchange to I-40. By far, the majority of the traffic is turning left (east) onto I-40. The right lane is more than adequate for traffic continuing south on Beale St., as is the turn lane for traffic westbound on I-40.

At this time, US 93/Beale Street is a four-lane highway with a center turn lane. My suggestion is that the center turn lane be turned into a through lane for traffic continuing south onto Beale St. The existing traffic signals would control that traffic as well as traffic heading west on I-40.

The turn lane and adjacent southbound lane would sweep up and over I-40, to the east, via a ramped overpass that would connect at or near the site of the current on-ramp. Traffic northbound on Beale Street would use the current ramp to head east on I-40, which would intersect with the new ramp.

I assume that US 93/Beale Street, north of I-40, would need to be widened to accommodate the overpass, but it appears that there is sufficient right of way along that portion of the highway to do so.

This same procedure could be used for westbound traffic on I-40 that is exiting to northbound US 93. Split the existing ramp with northbound traffic flowing onto US 93 and Beale Street being controlled by the existing traffic signal. Beale Street traffic would merge into northbound traffic on US 93.

I believe this plan would have the least impact on residential properties, recreation properties and wildlife, and would not require that a new roadway be created to accommodate the increased traffic flow realized by the new bridge at Boulder Dam. It would result in a smoother flow of traffic, less delays accessing I-40 eastbound, while keeping costs in alignment. This would result in saving money at a time when the economy is lagging and costs are increasing daily.

Judy Pulis