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11:07 PM Wed, Nov. 14th

Kingman Letters: But that's just his opinion

To paraphrase Daniel Patrick Moynihan - a person can have his (her) own opinion but not his (her) own facts. Letters to the Miner routinely present "facts" which were either made up or uncritically accepted falsehoods from some phony source. A couple of recent examples:

In the March 29 edition is a letter entitled, "To all you nonbelievers," Ronney L. Case wrote that men have one less rib on one side than the other. This is a flat untruth as any M.D. will tell you or as you could see in any human anatomy textbook. Men have the same number of ribs as women and the same number on either side of the rib cage.

Another example can be seen in the March 30 edition in "Setting the stage for violence," in which Linda Athens runs through a litany of illegal activities Trayvon Martin is accused of carrying out before his murder. Unless she hacked into his supposed juvenile criminal records (a criminal offense) or is passing along hacked information, also possibly illegal, these are made up "facts." But then Ms. Athens says, "Don't let facts get in the way." If she really believes these are true, then she should provide their source.

Without going into detail it is easy to note a few other examples of make-believe facts:

Ginko biloba prevents heart attacks and strokes. There is no evidence for this (Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter, Vol. 10.6).

Organic foods have higher nutrition levels than regular food. Not necessarily true, it depends on nutrients in the soil (Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter, Vol. 10.6).

U.N. Agenda 21 is a plan for a U.N. takeover of the world. No, it promotes environmental planning around the world (SPLC Intelligence Report, Spring 2012).

And so on.

It would be nice if individuals checked their facts so we could have greater trust in what we read in the Miner letters.


Tom McKinney