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Sun, June 16

Lake Havasu Letter: Ariz. bill challenges free speech

Once again proving that "Jobs, jobs, jobs," was just more political theatre the Republicans in the Arizona legislature have muddied the waters and made the state look like fools - again. This time it is a bill awaiting the signature of that sad, sad woman Jan Brewer that would send you to jail if you "annoy or offend" anyone on-line or in a broadcast format. This of course is a slap at the First Amendment, which does direct itself towards government intervention in free speech. If signed this one could land gasbag Limbaugh in jail for his comments about a college student being a "slut" and "prostitute" for expressing her opinion about access to birth control - not that that would be a bad thing.

The bill states it would be a class one misdemeanor for anyone to "terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend" through electronic and digital devices. In typical Arizona fashion the bill does not provide definitions of the terms and what would be considered annoying or offensive, opening the door for anyone to complain about being called down for being an idiot on a blog, website or on the air.

Bob Moore

Lake Havasu City


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