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Wed, Oct. 16

Kingman Letter: Obama is the great divider

It just amazes me how easily led some people can be. Mostly the ones that blindly follow this socialist, corrupt, community organizer. Obama says that it is the Second Amendment that is to blame for violence in Mexico. His blind followers and in the tank media, of course parrot his lie.

But they say nothing when it is this administration that is sending guns illegally to Mexico. The "Dummycrats" at the behest of Obama, start claiming there is a war on women, and the mindless minions start flooding the paper with letters saying vote for Obama to save women's rights. Then there is Trayvon Martin, and once again Obama opens his trap without knowing any of the facts. Then we have the non-stop media on the case, and Obamanites saying what a bad law Stand Your Ground is. I guess they think it is better to be a victim. But if you notice, none of them including Obama make issue on black on black crimes or black on white crimes. To me, that makes them the true racists. This government is out of control, and Obama puppets just want to give it more power. Obama was supposed to be some great unifier, but the truth is he is a great divider. He has divided this country like nothing I have seen in my life. I will give him this: He is a great warrior. You know, the wars on capitalism, religion, free speech and now the race war he is trying to start. And yes the war on the Second Amendment, which will increase tenfold if Obama is re-elected. Save America! Vote Obama OUT!

Donald Stultz


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