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Wed, April 24

Kingman Letter: Illegal aliens, dead people and pets

In the Aug. 20 Kingman Daily Miner, Ms. Lori Gabriel-Dane has again shown she can only parrot the Democratic Party line of lies and distortions.

Ms. Dane states that in Ohio in 2008 President Obama won by 100,000 votes, yet she goes on to say that it was estimated that more than 100,000 people never got the chance to vote. She feels this would have given Obama more votes if the polls had been kept open. It seems it never occurred to her that the 100,000 people who did not get to vote may have all been Republicans! She states that the GOP wants to stop Democrats (translated: illegal aliens, dead people and your pets) from voting.

Excuse me! I recall the New Black Panthers were the ones standing outside of some polling places with baseball bats keeping voters away. The New Black Panthers are not Republicans, Ms. Gabriel-Dane.

Sandee Samoska



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