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Mon, July 15

Valle Vista Letter: ObamaCare co-conspirators

"ObamaCare", the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was rammed through Congress by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid. It was approved by a Democratic majority House and a Democratic majority Senate, and signed into law by Emperor Obama on March 23, 2010. The following associations, along with Obama and his staff, planned to force the PPACA on the American public: American Hospital Association; American Medical Association; and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Also involved with and facilitating this plot were: Service Employee's International Union, American Association of Retired Persons, AHIP and Blue Cross/Blue Shield - insurer groups, and the Medical Device Manufacturers' Association.

These groups, through their lobbyists, engaged directly with Obama administration liaisons Nancy-Ann DeParle, head of the Office of Health Reform (a new administrative bureaucracy created by Obama), and Jim Messina, a White House Deputy Chief of Staff. The involvement between these Obama administration staffers and representatives from the medical associations eventually produced the PPACA. These government-pharmaceutical-medical association cartels, through intimidation and bribery, pressured congressional Democrat representatives to support the passage of this bill. Concealed inside the 2000-plus pages of this monstrosity are countless new taxes, laws, penalties and bureaucratic perplexity that even more than two years later are still incomprehensible. To top everything else off, the Senate stuck a provision in the bill that created the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) that has the power to cut doctor's payments from Medicare, and cut them drastically.

The PPACA eventually will become more commonly referred to as the "People's Party's America Castration Act." Velkomen to ze People's Republik uff Amerika.

For a detailed account of the facts, read Kevin Glass's Aug. 13 report in "National Review."

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista


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