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1:28 PM Fri, Dec. 14th

Reader Letter: A new target

I would like to respond to Al Koffman's letter, "Enough with the rants and raves," published in the Dec. 13 Miner.

My first observation is that it seems as if Mr. Koffman harbors a personal grudge against Mr. Roy Dunton that he has been percolating over for "20 years." That's a long, long time to contain such vitriol inside oneself. So what does a person do to leach some of that hatred out of himself to make room for something else? Why, he attacks Mr. Dunton's son, Scott, for having the audacity to state his opinion. Am I missing something here about "free speech" and the First Amendment?

My second observation is this: Mr. Koffman has "plagiarized" the term "low-information voter" from none other than Rush Limbaugh, who more or less coined the name weeks ago on his nationally-syndicated radio program which we can all listen to on KAAA/KZZZ AM Monday through Friday. Rush uses that term to describe Obama voters, so I find it absolutely hilarious to see that an (obvious) Democrat is quoting Rush in order to try to denigrate Republicans!

Third observation: David Frum may call himself a "Republican," but conservative Republicans know better. He's a progressive hack.

Mr. Koffman, I may be "old" and "white," but I am neither "history" nor ignorant, much to your probable chagrin. Now you have a new target for you vicious diatribes.

Jan E. Freeman

Golden Valley