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Sat, June 15

Kingman Letter: Gun Control vs. Society Control?

It was a tragedy the day an elementary school in Connecticut was attacked by a mentally challenged person. I as well as many Americans felt sadness for those families that lost their children and family members. I have been listening to various personalities say we need now more than ever to obtain more gun control laws. Let us not forget that the mother of this young man was so desperate to have a relationship with her son, that she took him to a shooting range. Are you kidding me, the shooter in Colorado who had been seen by mental specialists did a horrific thing and the Fort Hood shooter who, our own government let slip through the cracks. Yes maybe we should have some control, examples would be, anyone with a relative suffering from mental disabilities should not be able to own a firearm, doctors that don't report patients should be held accountable for the misuse of a firearm, or how about making a person show that they have been seen and cleared by a doctor that they are mentally sound. Yes, there are things that need to be looked at, but what about the person driving and texting, how about the doctors not diagnosing a patient with a disease that has terminal consequences, because they just want to give a pill. Yes, there are many things in society we need to do to have tragedies not happen. Guns are not the only things that kill if education is not sufficient; we need to see the whole picture.

Kingman, AZ

John Thomas


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