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Sun, Nov. 17

Guest Column: Clarity on 'assault weapons'

Assault weapon" is a phrase coined over 20 years ago by anti-gun zealots and gun control groups to stigmatize guns and vilify their owners. They intentionally misrepresented semi-automatic sporting guns as full-automatic military firearms in their efforts to ban all weapons. Like many lies from the left, the wording stuck, and the media began using it constantly. Some states banned certain rifles or required they be registered. Gun owners mocked the phrase, pointing out that virtually anything could be used in committing an assault and therefore could be considered an "assault weapon." So the left revised the term to "assault rifle," applying it to almost any shoulder-held firearm.

Citizens cannot legally purchase full-automatic firearms unless they have a special permit issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Those permits are rare, difficult to acquire and expensive. Such purchasers may be movie studios, avid collectors or special gun-owner organizations. It is grossly misleading to suggest that any Joe Whacko could walk into a local gun shop, pick out a full-auto AK-47 or AR-15, plunk down a wad of dough and walk out with it. It is surprising the gun shop owners featured in the Sunday, Dec. 23, Daily Miner article (about increased sales) didn't enlighten the reporter.

In the end, though, a semi-auto in the hands of a deranged, mentally unhinged person can still be devastating. Obama is successfully exploiting the Sandy Hook dreadfulness and so-called "ineffective gun laws" to implement stricter gun control regulations. His administration, along with anti-gun fanatics in the Senate and the House, are working overtime to bring legislation they hope will ultimately take all firearms away from citizens. A step beyond that is an Executive Order rescinding the Second Amendment. Secretary of State Clinton is busy working with United Nations bureaucrats to pass the Small Arms Treaty, a massive, global gun control scheme to register, ban and confiscate citizens' firearms. Witness the continuing dissolution of American sovereignty.

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