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Wed, March 20

Kingman letters: It depends on who you pander to

Lori Gabriel-Dane is truly misguided in the fact that this nation was indeed founded under Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our Founding Fathers had a strong belief in God whether it be Christian, Protestant, Baptist, Mormon (whatever your faith). They believed, that is, "do unto others as you would have others do unto you," that our government would be fair in making laws that all had to live under.

Unfortunately, over the years both the Democrats and some Republicans have gone on a quest for power and eliminating God from prayers before government conducted business, our schools, and a host of other activities both private and social.

The Democrats believe that they should have total control over the private sector and eliminate God altogether. They have completely trashed/shredded our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and now they complain when, according to LGD, "Republican candidates are hell bent on bending over backwards to please the religious groups." Would that be any different to pandering to the likes of George Soros, EPA or the Chicago crowd that our current President "is hell bent on bending over backwards to please?" I think not.

Those people of religion believe that everyone should be treated equally, so maybe it is about time we change the status quo as it is painfully apparent what we have now is a disaster. Those who have no faith have to be very lonely and desperate people.

Sam Wise



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