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Mon, May 27

Reader Letter: Newspapers - An American tradition

Although marked as something soon to become a thing of the past, I like the newspaper. I always feel a warm nostalgia when I think back to the various advertisements that would show the family dog happily fetching the daily newspaper and bringing it to dad in his easy chair. Ahh, those were the days! My dog today could never carry my laptop which is where newspapers will, on some sad day, only exist.

My newspaper is my friend. It often goes with me throughout my day. I actually enjoy unfolding it and grabbing a line or two if I am waiting in line or for maybe a haircut. I know you all have read a newspaper just about everywhere at sometime or another. My newspaper is often a handy sun visor, and it's a life saver as a fan for those horrid hot flashes. I swat flies with my newspaper.

I sometimes get my exercise by walking out to the newspaper box at my gate or to the mailbox. It's at least a 400-foot round trip. It's an adventure every morning although I do need to boot up just as if I was going to use the computer. I like my small town newspaper so much more than the big city newspaper. It's easy to fold and fit in a pocket. I like the pictures I see in the newspaper. I confess sometimes I might draw a mustache on the picture of a politician I don't care for. I even drew horns one time.

I like the newspaper because when its been read and you're done it has so many uses. My neighbor puts it on the bottom of his bird cage and another in their cat box. I don't think that bird likes some of our local political figures. Newspapers are great for less messy painting projects. They helped me start a campfire at the beach. None of these things can be done with a computer. With a newspaper you get one version for one day and it never needs to be upgraded. Newspapers can be recycled. Hobos use them as blankets. The list of uses is endless and newspapers are organic.

I like newspapers because you can pay as you go and don't have to invest in expensive electronics. I like the newspaper because sometimes they might even print your opinion when something gets your goat. I like newspapers because they are made right here in America. I like the idea of different people creating that newspaper, sometimes daily, making something fresh, mind tasty and new, just like that donut shop donut and coffee that often goes along with the newspaper.

I like newspapers because they are an American tradition that we must keep.

Jim Consolato

Golden Valley


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