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Sun, Dec. 15

Reel Watchers: This Means War

From the director of "Terminator Salvation" and producer of the TV series "Supernatural" and "Chuck" comes a familiar twist on the old spy versus spy flick.

Reese Witherspoon stars as the single, unnecessarily-awkward-about-dating Lauren who becomes the object of affection for two hardcore CIA operatives played by Star Trek's Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, who plays FDR, and the upcoming "Dark Night Rises" evil villain Bane, Tom Hardy as Tuck.

After a covert operation goes public, the two spies involved are grounded from action. In sheer boredom, Tuck decides that he's going to use the break as an opportunity to find love and signs himself up for an online dating service.

Not sure his buddy is ready for the new world of dating, FDR offers to survey the initial meeting just in case his pal is in need of an "extraction" from the situation.

But when his date ends up to be the gorgeous and likable Lauren, Tuck sends his buddy FDR off, cancelling the surveillance.

After their quick "meeting" date, Lauren finds herself in the same movie rental store as FDR. Her hard-to-get attitude sparks something in him and the pursuit is on.

When the two buddy agents return to work they begin to use their resources to find out more about Lauren, unaware that they are both falling for the same girl. That's when, with pride, the two buddies show off their new girl to each other only to find out that the competition is on.

The scene stealer in this film is the hilarious Chelsea Handler, who plays Lauren's best friend and dating adviser. Every other line out of her mouth will make you laugh out loud.

As far as the film goes, the pacing was perfect, no real action-less moments, and the storyline was fun and ultimately entertaining.

Rising stars Pine and Hardy show us why their stock is on the up with two great performances, while Reese shows us why her's has been valued for so long playing her part to perfection.

Even the second storyline about the international killer FDR and Tuck foiled in the beginning works.

I'm going to give This Means War an enthusiastic 3 out of 5 Miners and a recommend this flick to anyone out there looking for a great date film.

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