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Thu, June 20

Kingman Letter: Justice system too lenient on criminals

I read with interest the front-page story on Dec. 28, "KPD: Vehicle burglaries surge."

I have a possible reason why we may be seeing crime on the upswing in the Kingman area.

In October, my vehicle and four others were burglarized on a Saturday night by two adults, ages 17 and 18, one of whom just happens to live in our Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood.

They stole from my vehicle a spotting scope worth a lot of money.

I immediately made a flyer and it was given to all the local pawn and gun shops. Sure enough, a few days later, these two tried to pawn the scope at A&P Pawn for $100.

Thanks to the quick actions of Jim Fuller, the thieves were caught and the scope recovered.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Neither of the two thieves has spent a minute in jail!

The detective in charge made them a deal: If they cooperated and returned all the stolen property, they wouldn't be booked.

They cooperated and sure enough were let go.

Criminal action is pending and thankfully both have been charged with multiple felonies. I, for one, am not going to be a merciful victim and will be at the hearings and ask that justice be done.

And I wonder what message was sent to them and other potential thieves when they hear, "Hey, if you get caught, cooperate with the police and you won't go to jail!"

Here is another example of what I think is contributing to our crime wave.

Last month, one of the trusted officers was caught stealing money from a club. He even wrote a letter to the club's board admitting to his crimes.

This guy turned himself in to the MCSO, where he was cited and released! Once again, he wasn't even booked for one night!

He has pled guilty to a misdemeanor and will be sentenced next month. What message did that send?

If thieves believe there are no consequences for doing their dastardly deeds, then no doubt we'll see increases in crimes.

Don Martin



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