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Fri, Jan. 24

It's easy to get lost after letting go of God's hand

Show us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation (Psalm 85:7)

When nine-year-old Emily pulled her hand from my grasp in the blackened theatre, the crowd quickly separated us. I called out for her to no avail. Grabbing the nearest seat, I plopped myself down, and though I prayed, the minutes felt like hours. At last the movie came on, providing a pale haze of illumination, and I was able to forge back up the aisle to find our lost lamb. Thankfully I spotted her, huddled at the end of the very last row, and I saw the glint of tears as they rolled down her precious cheeks. She took my hand, and together we reunited with the rest of our family.

How easily we can become lost when letting go of the hand of our dear Father in heaven. It only takes a moment of separation before we find ourselves floundering in the dark. Why, I can get lost in my sleep! Have you ever awakened on what we used to call "the wrong side of the bed"? I can put my feet on the floor and become instantly transformed into a foul-spirited, foul-minded and foul-mouthed individual for absolutely no apparent reason.

Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence these days, yet a valuable reminder of the importance of grabbing the hand of God and hanging on for dear life. I might not have a clue as to why I awoke so completely out of sorts, but upon hearing myself I can call upon the mercy of my Creator, and with sincere repentance I can allow God to find me immediately. This gradual metamorphosis in my spiritual journey surely testifies to the treasure we find from steeping ourselves in His Word. The more I read and pray the Holy Scriptures, the more I hunger and thirst for my awesome God, the more I want to know Him, to rest in Him, the more I crave intimacy with Him. I cannot imagine my life any longer without my Lord and Savior, my Deliverer.

My heart grieves for those who may not know an intimate relationship with Jesus, the answer to every ill, the way to eternal life, and I can only imagine how the Holy Spirit must grieve for His lost sheep. We know from His Word that in His divine mercy He has gone to every length to save each one of us, yes personally, and that if you or I were the only human being alive He would still have gone to that Cross. Our awesome Lord has indeed shown us His mercy. All we need do is to reach out for His dear hand. It's that simple.

Only a few years ago, a precious friend in Christ was heard to have said, "It's time to get into the receiving line." That she did, and whenever someone inquired as to her well being, she would reply, "I am in the receiving line." Her healing testimony from that point forward is enough to give me chills and tears to this very day as I watch her blossom in divine health and flourish within the loving arms of our Creator. With our every encounter, she puts praises on my lips to the One who has granted us His Salvation.

Have I reached out for the hand of Jesus today?

Is there something that pulls me away from Him?

Dear Lord, thank you for your divine mercy and saving grace. I pray to receive and receive and to hold on tight, no matter how hard the world tugs at me ... Please don't lose me in the dark.

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