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Tue, July 23

Kingman Letter: Candidates need 'big girl panties'

I recently submitted the following letter to both Jeff Flake and Wil Cardon. If more people would do the same, we might get rid of the attack ads we are all growing weary of hearing.

"Dear Mr. Flake,

"Neither you or Wil Cardon will receive my vote. Both of you feel the need to attack the other. Stop! Just focus on the issues and let me know what you will do, not what someone else has done wrong. I have been a teacher in an elementary school and quite frankly, your nastiness is reminiscent of first graders or possibly seventh grade girls. Grow up! Put your big girl panties on and deal with the issues."

I hope that the readers of this paper will follow my lead and help stamp out this ridiculous bickering.

Rebecca Brooks



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