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Fri, May 24

Kingman Letter: Israel not properly represented

Millions of people worldwide are anticipating the upcoming Olympics in the U.K. Among them, there are undoubtedly many Christians and Jews who support Israel.

They should be made aware of the following:

The BBC Olympics website dedicates a page to each country or non-country participating.

In the case of Israel's website, they listed East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and listed Israel with no capital.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Press Advisor wrote to the BBC Middle East bureau chief to correct the error.

Their manner of correcting both pages was to put Jerusalem not as the capital city but as the "seat of government with most embassies in Tel Aviv" and "Intended seat of government, East Jerusalem. Ramallah serves as administrative capital" for Palestine.

Each webpage has pictures corresponding with the information of the country. All mid-east countries have peaceful scenes. But on the Israeli page are soldiers confronting demonstrators.

Again, Israel has declared discrimination against them. It is more than that. It is obviously deliberate and like much said in our U.S. press against Israel, it is an outrage.

Linda Athens



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