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Mon, Oct. 14

Kingman Letter: Only Democrats fiscally responsible

With an important national election approaching, I would like to assist my neighbors by presenting a few facts so we won't get duped again by the so-called fiscal conservative Republicans.

For those who worship at the altar of Reagan, please do some research. Reagan spent at a higher rate than Carter, he doubled education spending, increased Social Security by 90 percent, farm subsidies rose 140 percent, he doubled Medicare, quadrupled entitlement spending and tripled the national debt from $1 billion to $3 billion, up 189 percent. Reagan cut taxes but then borrowed to make up the difference. He increased the debt limit 18 times in eight years or once every five months.

G.W. Bush had a debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio of over 3 percent and doubled the national debt. He cut taxes and then increased the size of government by 55 percent through unfunded mandates like Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind. He borrowed every penny "off budget" for those programs and emergency supplementals for two wars simultaneously. Don't try that at home with your household budget.

Romney has a plan: cut taxes, cut programs for the most needy and vulnerable of our society and borrow like mad, after all, we dummies will bail him out. Please turn off the AM radio and Fox news and do some research on your own; you may be stunned.

Craig Cordero (a former Republican)


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