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Thu, July 18

Kingman Letter: Stop the bickering, start doing your job

I have noticed letters where a democrat is blaming the republicans for everything that is wrong. Then a republican blames all our problems on the democrats.

The Congress of the United States passes the bills that have created the quagmire of financial difficulties and world problems we are facing. This Congress is made up of both Democrats and Republicans. These politicians, more interested in their own welfare, full of greed and doing anything to stay in office, quarreling like spoiled brats instead of working together to build a better America, along with a president who has trouble with truth, are the people who need to be chastised and thrown out of office. For they, like the president, are not Americans. They may be citizens of the United States (or not?), but they are not Americans. I think the president having the American flag taken off the tail section of Air Force One is an example of the sort of sellout we can expect.

His claim that his father served in World War II is another example of his problems with truth. I don't think 9-year-olds were being drafted at that time. Personally, these people make me feel insecure and ashamed of their behavior.

I am proud to be an American, but will not defend the actions of the "gang on the hill," either party, until they stop acting like jerks and show some concern for the people they are supposed to be looking out for, doing the job they promised they would do, for the Americans who elected them in good faith.

Harry Owens



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