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Sat, July 20

Kingman Column: Some timely advice; a show of compassion

Economist/columnist Walter Williams has some sage advice for graduates and anyone else who would like to succeed in life.

I don't have the exact verbiage in front of me, but it goes something like this: Get your high school diploma, find a job and keep it, live within your means, refine your marketable skills, and don't have babies until you're married. There may be one or two more points there, and certainly the wording in Mr. Williams' original list was a bit more polished, but there's not much more to it.

I'm one of those living, breathing examples that what he has to say is true. There are people like me all over town, all over the country.

There's no way I can top what Williams has to offer in the way of advice, but I will say this: Don't waste your money on college. Go if you have a specific goal and it requires college. Don't go if you're going to end up with a degree in Beatles Studies: The Hamburg Months and $60,000 in debt.

Now for a few words on the parts I remember of my own high school graduation, which happened 40 years ago.



Events in Kingman this past week provided an oh so painful reminder of why we have Memorial Day.

Sgt. Brian Walker had married one of Kingman's better high school-age athletes of recent memory, Ashley Caswell, on Dec. 11, 2010, in Las Vegas. Both were serving in the Army in Afghanistan at the time of his death on May 13.

Brian arrived in Kingman Thursday with all the dignity and solemnity the military can provide. Hundreds of Kingmanites, meanwhile, lined the route from the airport to show, once again, why places like this are among the best in the world to live.


It's been a tough few weeks for State Representative Doris Goodale. She's taken a political pounding for her stance on a bill directed at Colorado City, heating up what looks like a very competitive race for re-election.

That probably seems pretty insignificant to Goodale now, considering the legal situation her son and daughter face. You can read about that on Page 1A.

But Goodale earned a lot of respect in the Miner newsroom when she returned a call from reporter Erin Taylor and frankly discussed the matter.

That took guts. Give Goodale credit for not ducking the issue.


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