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Fri, April 19

Kingman Letter: Purcell insulted Italians

I don't read Tom Purcell's column, but in Wednesday's Daily Miner (Nov. 7, "Don't let Jeep get all cheesy on us"), the first sentence caught my eye, so I read the whole column.

Who does this simpleton think he is? Does he not know that Italy makes some of the finest cars in the world - Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, just to name a few. Plus many more fine products that we use every day, fine clothing, fine kitchen products, and - oh yes - Gorgonzola cheese.

He also wants tough guys to build Jeeps. Does he also want tough women to build them? I don't know your origin, but Italians who sing opera and eat Gorgonzola cheese have more brains than you do.

I think you owe all Italians an apology. Now go eat whatever slop you eat and listen to your heavy metal music.

Neil Buatti



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