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Mon, April 22

Kingman Letter: Come join the line against line-cutting

The fair is not fair.

I believe I speak for the majority when I say that the line-cutting and rudeness of many attendees of the Mohave County fair has gotten completely out of control. During one wait, I saw a group of five or six kids literally push their way up to the front of the line after my kids had already waited 40 minutes for our turn! When I yelled at the ride operator to bring it to his attention, he made eye contact, and then looked away like he wasn't going to do anything about it - and indeed he did not.

In the time frame of 3.5 hours on Saturday night, two children that I took to the fair were able to ride two rides. Two! Because I took the honest approach and would not let them cut or sneak their way up to the front like about 85 percent of the kids were doing (some were even supervised by adults allowing them to do so), their fun was cut far too short. I confronted one of the ride controllers (at the "Zipper") and he was none too concerned about it. Also, there were police present, but I know that they are mostly there to break up fights, watch for other criminal activity and be a presence to discourage people starting trouble.

So what's the solution? I have started an online petition to take to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors to solve this issue by hiring security guards to enforce order in these lines. We're not talking about an enormous 20-person crew. I'm thinking about maybe a maximum of seven to 10...that should cover the amount of rides where this is happening (the Zipper, Pharaoh's Fury, The Octopus, Gravitron, etc.).

The fair is supposed to be fun. As it stands, people of Mohave County are paying $5 just to have the privilege of setting foot inside the gates, and $2 for parking within the fairgrounds. Then...we are paying $30 for each wristband for our children to be able to ride the attractions. With this kind of cash being shelled out every year by thousands of citizens, don't you think that Mohave County owes it to her people to ensure that they're going to maintain order and safety at the fair?

If you want to join me in making sure that all children are getting a fair chance at getting as much fun out of the fair that our hard-earned money pays for, copy this and paste it in your browser, then sign the petition at

Shane Goade lives in Kingman.


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