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Thu, March 21

Letter: More change is coming

For 62 years, I was perfectly content being totally disinterested in anything political. Then, when Senator Obama decided to run for the presidency, and I saw the immoral way he was being treated, I found myself suddenly and totally engrossed in everything political, and started listening to the news 24/7. And for the last five years, I have dwelt on the dedication our president put forth to bring us out of the Republican's recession, and the deplorable and unrelenting lies, extremism, racism, and antics of the Republican Party.

I have defended President Obama tirelessly against the tirades of Obama haters in these letters to the editor. I, along with other Democrats, have been called stupid and ignorant and every other derogatory name by right-wing posters simply because we support our president. Yet these same posters believe the hate and ridiculous garbage spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity.

We Democrats have been personally attacked and ridiculed by these radical, conspiracy-loving Obama-haters. And I, for one, have grown tired of trying to talk sense to people whose only sense is ruled by hatred and lies. I am proud of President Obama and his accomplishments. He has brought this country back from a devastating recession and kept us from suffering through another Great Depression. However, since having my heart attack, I realized that I had better things to do with the rest of my life than dwell on the letters to the editor section of this newspaper or listening to the news.

I will continue to support our president and Democrats with my vote, without any interference from those who resort to lies in order to prove their point and who despise all Democrats. The more extreme and radical the Republicans become because they are ruled by the Tea Party, more and more people will vote the Republicans out of office. Once this obstructionist party no longer has the ability to obstruct, then the Democrats will get done what needs to get done. Whew! Already, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Lori Gabriel-Dane



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