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Sat, Dec. 07

Your metabolism and weight loss

Are you of the school of thought that if you lose weight you will slow down your metabolism, so what's the point? Are you of the opinion that it is pointless to try to change your eating habits to lose weight because you will just gain it back? Do you feel that you just have a slow metabolism and can't lose weight?

Some people are believers of the set-point theory. This is the idea that some people are destined to regain lost weight because their bodies lower their metabolic rate after weight loss, causing them to regain weight.

An issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed research findings that the metabolic rates of overweight women were identical to those who are not overweight and do not have a tendency to gain weight. This means that people can ultimately be in control of their weight!

Your metabolic rate will naturally decrease with weight loss. What does that mean? Let's say an individual lost 40 pounds. I have a big dog, so I buy 40 pound bags of dog food. Imagine for a moment that I have to carry around one of those big bags of dog food all day. It is heavy - I am working hard. I am hot and tired.

Now let's say I am finally able to get rid of that 40 pound weight. I am doing the exact same activities for the same amount of time. I feel better and it is easier to move around but my body is not working as hard so my body is now burning fewer calories.

An individual's metabolic rate will not continue to decrease once that person has reached their goal weight and begin to consume more calories again. In fact, your metabolic rate adjusts to the change in body composition and an intake of sufficient calories consumed to maintain goal weight.

The study showed that women maintaining their weight loss had similar metabolic rates to women who did not have a weight problem. Therefore, regaining weight is most likely not a result of an abnormal metabolism, but the result of a return to unhealthy eating habits and inactivity.

If you are of the opinion that it is pointless to lose weight because you will just gain it back anyway - it is not pointless! Maintaining a lower weight and less body fat will more than likely help you to:

1. Be healthier by possibly lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

2. Feel better both physically and mentally.

3. Be more mobile and help to take unnecessary stress off of our joints.

If you have lost weight in the past and started to put pounds back on, don't automatically assume that your metabolism has slowed down. Examine your eating habits and activity level.

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