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Mon, Nov. 18

Letter: Prison isn't the answer

Why do we have a drug problem in Kingman? Because our probation officers, our judges and our prosecutors don't care about helping people with addictions. Even those who ask for help in quitting an addiction cannot get the help they need. Instead they are treated as criminals and punished instead of helped.

My fiancée faces a sentence in Superior Court to 3.9 years in prison for three dirty urine tests while on probation after she told her probation officer she had a meth addiction and needed help in quitting. She didn't want to end up in jail. Probation's answer to help was putting her on intense probation and expecting her to quit on her own. When she couldn't, she got arrested and now will be sent to prison. They will not even consider rehab. As far as our great justice system is concerned, she deserves 3.9 years of punishment for three dirty urine tests and rehab is out of the question.

We have a drug problem in Kingman because the great justice system that's supposed to be about justice and fairness doesn't care in the least about helping someone get off drugs. All they are interested in is putting people in prison. I am sure if my fiancée was related to a judge or prosecutor or probation officer, she would be in rehab, not in jail, and certainly not looking at 3.9 years in prison. Write Superior Court, Division 3, and protest people being sent to prison for years for dirty urine tests while on probation without the chance at rehab.

First, my fiancée is not a criminal. She is someone with an addiction like a lot of people have nowadays, but unlike many she really and truly wants sobriety and help. She deserves one chance at rehab before she deserves prison. No one cares about helping someone in Kingman.

Robert Boslett Jr.


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