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6:55 PM Sun, Feb. 17th

Letter: Bieber news, and other gems

In the news in the last few weeks were a few interesting articles that still have me laughing. The first was about Justin Bieber and his monkey. He didn't have the right paperwork for it when he went to Germany and the German government took it from him.

A German official recently stated that if Bieber doesn't comply, customs officials "have ways of making him pay" next time he is in Germany. I'm sorry, but when I saw that it made me picture the nasty German member of the SS of the old movies with the leather trench coat and leather Feodora saying, "We have ways of making you talk."

Then there was the jewel heist on the Riviera for over $100 million. This diamond show was on the ground floor of a hotel that had been previously robbed and was the hotel where all the diamond robberies took place in the Alfred Hitchcock's movie "To Catch a Thief." The guards were few and unarmed and no one thought to let the police know the diamond show was there - for an entire month.

That is stupid on its own. I picture the "Pink Panther" tip-toeing across the screen with that fantastic music playing in the background. The writers of the Pink Panther never came up with this gem (excuse the pun) though.

The judicial police in nearby Nice are leading the investigation. This investigative body is none other than "The Bureau for the Repression of Banditry"! Honest, that is the real name. Even the Pink Panther is laughing!

Sandee Samoska