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Fri, April 26

Guest Column: John McCain and his sycophant, Jeff Flake

I believe that one of the most dangerous words in the English language is "bi-partisanship" - code for one side ceding its ideals to the other party that is favored by the media. James Madison, the most significant of the three authors of the federalist papers, detested any such compromise. He felt that Americans must have what is now called "partisanship" in order to maintain their principles and have an actual choice when selecting candidates.

Since the Democratic Party currently has its choice in control of our government and our country, what, exactly, does the Republican Party stand for these days? The answer, unfortunately, is absolutely nothing! Republicans are so busy bending over backward in the name of "bipartisanship" with the unyielding liberal-progressive Democrat Party, they make young Olympic gymnasts look old and stiff in comparison!

Prime examples of our current misguided Republican leadership includes John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake and Eric Cantor. The new crop of truly great conservative/constitutionalists such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Tim Scott are tragically few and far between.

Because I am a resident of Arizona, I feel totally qualified to speak in particular of Senators McCain and Flake.

McCain: Our arrogant, pompous Sen. McCain has a split personality. When he is running for office, he speaks "conservatese" with the best of them. Why, one would think he was there at the signing of the Declaration of Independence! He trashes his opponents (the last one, conservative ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth) as if they were axe murderers. Then he gets back to Washington and turns into the Republican version of Teddy Kennedy. When he deigns to return to Arizona for town hall meetings, he treats some of his constituents in nasty, condescending terminology, calling those who disagree with him "wacko birds."

Mr. McCain has been riding that "war hero horse" long enough. Thank you for your service, senator, now "dismount" and go back to Sedona!

Flake: This man deceived Arizonans about being a conservative/constitutionalist. He went to Washington and became a cowardly sycophant of McCain's. He will be, god willing, a one-term senator.

At this point, the RINOs who are hopefully reading my letter are asking themselves, "well exactly what does this (horrible!) woman want from us?" I shall in my own magnificent manner tell you what I want:

Spine: Grow one!!!

Principles: Develop some! Go back to what the Republican Party once stood for, i.e., individualism, capitalism, high morals, private property rights, low taxes and a genuine belief in our creator. You have alienated millions of us, especially those whom you call "the religious right." We believe in principles; you do not. You are nothing more than Democrat-light. We also believe in the sovereignty of our country and its borders, which leads me to:

Immigration Reform: just how many times are we the people going to have to tell you about our objections to yet another of your amnesty bills? Read the bill, Republicans! It has no teeth in it to punish violations. Why should it? It was mostly written by La Raza ("the race"), a radical Hispanic group that dreams of taking back the entire Southwest for Mexico. Mark Levin, famed attorney, author and radio talk show host, came up with the best idea yet. He actually researched the Mexican constitution and its immigration policies. They are draconian, to say the least, so Mark says that we should emulate Mexico. All we need to do in order to get our sovereignty restored is to just slap a title page on their constitution that reads "United States of America Immigration Reform Bill." Problem solved!

Obamacare: James Madison also warned Congress against writing "voluminous" bills. Nowadays it seems all bills are in excess of 1,000 pages. This particular bill is an absolute disaster. The American people do not want it enacted, and the House of Representatives needs to defund it no later than September's continuing resolution. The Republicans must fight it every opportunity they get until we can get rational people elected to congress and the presidency.

The IRS: This abomination needs to be abolished and replaced with either a flat or fair tax. The current scandal in which conservative groups have been isolated with Gestapo-like tactics is unconscionable, and all the employees involved should be summarily fired and castigated by this country's media. (Shall we hold our collective breath?)

Are we a "nation of immigrants?" I detest this divisive phrase! After over 200 years of history, I contend we are a "nation of Americans." All of us, no matter what color or race we are, are first and foremost Americans, and this is a moniker we should all be proud of and never apologize for to any nation on earth.

Gangs of 8, 12, whatever! These so-called "gangs" do nothing more than usurp the rights of the people's duly elected representatives of all those states whose officials were not included in any such inane "gangs." How childish!

Resolve these endless controversies! Contrary to what president Obama says, these are not "phony." Are the people who died phony? I think not. The administration is spending almost all of its time wagging the dog, whining about said phony scandals.

These people make Bill Clinton look like an amateur! We want and deserve the answers to fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS mess, Fort Hood and the military's purposeful blindness, etc. The list of controversies seems endless. Never let a good crisis go to waste, I guess.

Side note on Fox News Channel: Rupert Murdock has turned this once-interesting TV network into a soap opera channel akin to his failed British "yellow sheet" newspaper. Tedious and boring for the most part, Fox should now banner itself as "all soaps all the time." Their much more numerous liberals are more vicious than ever, as Tamara Holder demonstrated recently on Hannity when she called all Republicans "fat asses." We conservatives would salivate over an "all conservatives all the time" network. Hey! Maybe we could bring in Mark Levin and bring back Glenn Beck!

Millions of Americans like me wonder if our country will ever recover from this soft tyranny. I have often said we are experiencing the fall of the American empire. I view most Democrats as members of "the Borg" from Star Trek, as they all think alike and do and say the same things. Republicans, on the other hand, are like a circular firing squad!

So, do we have any hope? Well, help arrived Aug. 14 in the form of Mark Levin's new book, "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic." If you, like me, want to find a way to save our Republic and our country, flock to Amazon and bookstores all over America and make this a national best-seller the New York Times cannot ignore. Let's send hackneyed phrases like we are the world and it takes a village to the dustbin of history and bring back God, honor, rugged individualism, and patriotism to our nation's vocabulary.

And may God once again bless the United States of America.


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