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Wed, Jan. 22

Guest Column: Will anyone stand up to Harry Reid?

On Sept. 11 in a press conference, Harry Reid stated that those opposed to raising the debt ceiling are anarchists and must hate government and are living in their own little fantasy world. Yes, that's right, our senior United States senator believes supporters of a fiscally balanced government, as designed by the Constitution, are anarchists! Is there no Republican in Washington with the gumption to stand up to a political hack like Harry Reid? He is the reason we hate Congress.

It shows how out of touch they are when 80 percent of Americans have little to no confidence in Congress today.

Let me explain something to you, Harry. This isn't about anarchy. This is about the nation's survival and let me tell you where you've dragged the people of this nation and their children and their children's children. The federal deficit in 2009 was $1.4 trillion, the federal deficit in 2010 was $1.3 trillion, the federal deficit in 2011 was $1.3 trillion, the federal deficit in 2012 was $1.3 trillion.

It's not enough for these little twerps that the federal government already takes from us 25 cents of every dollar. It's never enough! The federal government won't stop until the last taxpaying citizen is dragged over the cliff of financial ruin. Wait until interest rates start to go up - and they will! They can't be kept artificially low by the Fed forever. What's going to happen to the yearly deficits as we pay higher and higher interest on a burgeoning debt? Then what, Harry?

In 2012, with a debt of $17 trillion, every taxpayer was on the hook for $111,000 while the average income in this country was $51,000! In 2022, eight short years from now, the federal debt is estimated to exceed $25 trillion! Some experts predict a 15 to 20 percent decrease in the average income by then as well. Yet the Democrats and establishment Republicans don't understand what the argument is about on raising the debt ceiling.

I'm telling you, these people in Washington are drunk with power; they are destroying this country! You may not feel it today or tomorrow, but it will be felt. These Republicans and Democrats in D.C. no longer represent the American taxpayers. They haven't bitten the hand that feeds them; they chewed the entire arm off!

After Reid, Durbin, McCain and Boehner are long gone, our children and our grandchildren are going to have to deal with this. What are they going to do when the sky does in fact fall in? Who will be the anarchist then, Harry? Is there anyone in Washington besides Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul who can do basic math?

I'm so sick of the threat that they will be forced to shut down the government. Yet, meanwhile the Fed is shutting down coal mines, steel mills, industries, doctors' offices, pipelines and power plants. They shut things down every day in the private sector! They hold this shutdown over our head as some form of punishment.

Let me remind you that the federal government has been shut down in 1976, in 1977, 1978 and 1979, in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984, in 1986, 1987, 1990 and 1995 and sometimes twice a year! Yet our federal government has never stopped growing and for five straight years has been growing faster than ever.

Harry Reid and Barack Obama will once again look for ways to punish us for demanding fiscal responsibility. Remember the sequester? They will disrupt air travel, they looked to undermine senior citizens' Social Security checks - which they contributed to, I might add. They closed prisons, releasing back into our streets numerous illegal aliens being held for felony convictions. They even punished veterans with budget cuts to the VA. They had to find ways to punish the people for telling them to get the spending under control.

So Harry, you think fiscal conservatives and Tea Partiers must hate this government? Well, for the first time in your pathetic career, senator, you're probably right.

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